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Updating an environment variable to change a logger level can sometimes be slow. What if you could change that level immediately with Unleash?

We released Quarkus 3.9, which comes with what we called the Big Reactive Rename.

Explain how OIDC Proxy can help to integrate OIDC service endpoints with custom GPT

Recently, we've made a decision to rename several Quarkus extensions that previously included the word "reactive" in their names. This blog post aims to shed light on the reasoning behind this change and what it means for you as a user and/or extension author.

We released Quarkus 3.8.3, our second maintenance release for the 3.8 release train.

Quarkus 3.2.11.Final is the eleventh maintenance release of the 3.2 LTS release train, including critical bug fixes and documentation updates.

The March edition of the Quarkus Newsletter; curated online stories, articles, and videos about Quarkus.

We released Quarkus 3.8.2, our first maintenance release for the 3.8 release train.

We released Quarkus 3.8, our new LTS release. It is built on the shoulders of 3.7 and comes with additional fixes.

Introducing a Quarkus-Kiota extension and available Java tools to work with Kiota.