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Quarkus 2.0 is here!

We like to say Quarkus is “Supersonic, Subatomic Java,” and we don’t just mean making your applications lightweight and blazing fast.  Quarkus is also about making your teams supersonic, with minimal effort and code. Quarkus 2.0 doubles down on our mission to bring “Developer Joy,” boosting your productivity and optimizing your workflow with time-saving capabilities like Live Continuous Testing and Dev Services. You’ll see instantaneous test results as you code - without lifting your hands from the keyboard. And, thanks to Dev Services, you will avoid the mundane task of configuring and starting a database. It will just appear when you need it. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be Quarkus without mind-blowing performance, so Quarkus 2.0 also brings lightning-fast REST with RESTEasy Reactive. RESTEasy Reactive build-time optimizes your HTTP handling, whether you use imperative or reactive programming, and it’s all built on the next generation Vert.x 4. The move to Vert.x 4 is another significant change in Quarkus 2.0, improving the full stack’s reactive capabilities and boosting overall performance.

Although what’s most impressive about 2.0 isn’t any particular feature, it’s the fantastic Quarkus community who shared their passion and ideas along the way. We hope that you will find using Quarkus 2.0 as blissful as we felt building it. 

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Speed up development and save time with Live Reload and Testing in Quarkus 2.0

By David Dahlin

Quarkus comes with a toolchain enabling developers rapid start their development with its extensions to all major IDEs. One of its prominent and ease of use features is its ability to perform live reload in development mode, offering the developer to change implementation on the fly without restarting. With the new version 2.0, developers can do more.

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Data is the New Gold – How to Work with Databases in Quarkus

By Daniel Brintzinger

By using Quarkus you can write lightweight and lightning-fast Java applications that scale on OpenShift/Kubernetes in a matter of milliseconds. But to achieve linear scalability and resilience of your application you should strive to create stateless applications. If you scale up multiple application instances that all connect to the same database, this will result in a bottleneck essentially halting all performance gain after a certain threshold. Learn More

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Secures RESTful APIs with Quarkus OIDC and Auth0

By Hantsy

Quarkus is well-known as a supersonic subatomic Java framework to build Kubernetes-friendly cloud native applications. In an earlier post we have discussed how to secure RESTful APIs with Spring Security and Auth0, we will implement the same functionality with Quarkus OIDC extension.

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Quarkus World Tour

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Upcoming Events:
July 1st: Consol
July 5th: Guatamala Java Users Group
July 13th: JUG Ingolstadt, Germany
July 20th: Seattle Java User Group
July 22nd: JUG Guadalajar

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User Success Stories

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Abraxas Uses Quarkus For Cutting Edge Tax App

Two things are certain in the life of a developer: Java and Taxes.


For the past 25 years, Java has been the dominant framework for developers creating enterprise applications. During that same time, developers continue to support their respective communities and countries each pay period through taxes.

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Quarkus is supersonic subatomic java.