NEWSLETTER ISSUE #11 - August 2021

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3 reasons Quarkus 2.0 improves developer productivity on Linux

By Daniel Oh

New features in Quarkus 2.0 make it easier to test code in the developer console.

No matter how long you work as an application developer and no matter what programming language you use, you probably still struggle to increase your development productivity. Additionally, new paradigms, including cloud computing, DevOps, and test-driven development, have significantly accelerated the development lifecycle for individual developers and multifunctional teams.

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By Ihor Mutel

A Kubernetes Operator, referred to as an operator in the remainder of this article, can be used for various purposes. The most common ones are managing database clusters, preparing database schemas, and restoring backups. 

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Bind a Cloud Event to Knative

By Daniel Oh

CloudEvents provides a common format to describe events and increase interoperability.

Events have become an essential piece of modern reactive systems. Indeed, events can be used to communicate from one service to another, trigger out-of-band processing, or send a payload to a service like Kafka.

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Quarkus & Hibernate – Getting Started

By Thorben Janssen

The Quarkus project enables you to develop Kubernetes-native applications based on Java and a huge list of well-established, Java-based frameworks. Hibernate is, of course, one of these frameworks.

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Videos of the Month

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Upcoming Events with Quarkus

Quarkus World Tour logo

Quarkus World Tour

A unique, virtual hands-on experience with access to Quarkus experts designed to help you get started with Java in a Kubernetes world.

Upcoming Tour Stops:
August 12: St. Louis Java User Group
September 8th: OpenBlend-Slovenian-Java-User-Group
September 14th: Garden State JUG

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J4K - Part Deux

A Virtual Conference for Java Developers on Kubernetes

October 06, 2021

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User Success Stories

Cytech uses Quarkus to save Greek Tourism

Tourism and Covid-19

It’s not new that tourism is one of the most affected industries from the Covid-19 pandemic. Hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruises are some of the businesses that had a really tough time this summer. 

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