NEWSLETTER ISSUE #17 - February 2022

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Quarkus Superheroes to the Rescue!

By Eric Deandrea

Are you a developer building microservices? Do you struggle with developing and testing individual microservices that are part of a larger system? Do you want to learn about building REST-based and event-driven applications?

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Getting started with Stork Service Discovery on Quarkus

By F. Marchioni

In modern microservices architectures, services have dynamically assigned locations. Therefore, it’s essential to integrate Service Discovery as part of the picture. In this article you will learn how to leverage Service Discovery using Smallrye Stork framework on top of a Quarkus reactive application.

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Java Asynchronous Programming with Quarkus and Mutiny

By Dave O'Meara

So what is Mutiny? Mutiny allows streaming of objects in an event driven flow. The stream might originate from a local process or something remote like a database. Mutiny streaming is accomplished by either a Uni or a Multi object. 

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Distributed Tracing with Istio, Quarkus and Jaeger

By Piotr Minkowski 

Learn how to configure distributed tracing for your service mesh with Istio and Quarkus.

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Monitoring Quarkus with Prometheus and Grafana

By Fatma Elverir

Learn how to set up Prometheus on top of a Quarkus application and visualize metrics in Grafana.

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Creating a Quarkus extension for AWS CloudWatch

By Bennet Schulz 

Want to log our Quarkus application logs to AWS CloudWatch? Do it simply and easily with this new extension!

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Videos of the Month

Quarkus Insights #79: New and noteworthy in Quarkus dev mode

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Quarkus Insights #76: Quarkus Q&A

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Quarkus Insights #75: Quarkus Q&A

Quarkus Insights #75: Quarkus Q&A thumbnail

Top Tweets & Comments

This month we celebrate the "I Made Quarkus 2.0" shirts getting to our folks in the community. Check out the full stream of tweets from our contributors showing off their Open Source Pride! 

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Upcoming Events with Quarkus

Quarkus World Tour 2022 logo

The Quarkus World Tour is on the road again!

We’re bringing the band back on the road to continue bringing our unique, hands-on experience with access to Quarkus experts designed to help you get started with Java in a Kubernetes world. Whether you are a Quarkus first-timer or seasoned pro, your JUG will love this show. 

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Devnexus event logo

DevNexus 2022

Date: April 11-13, 2022
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Devnexus is the premier conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters.


Devoxx France event logo

Devoxx France

April 11-13
Paris, France

Devoxx France is a three day event which offers over 240 presentations, hands on labs, as well as multiple opportunities to meet a very active developer’s community.

jfokus 2022 event logo

JFokus 2022

Date: May 2-4, 2022
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Jfokus is all about developers! Java, Frontend & Web. Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Big Data, Future & Trends, Alt. JVM Languages like Scala, Kotlin & more.

Devoxx United Kingdom event logo

Devoxx United Kingdom

Date: May 11-13, 2022
Location: London, England

Devoxx UK is a 3-day conference where developers come together to explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas, with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.



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