NEWSLETTER ISSUE #18 - March 2022

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What's new with Java 17 and containers?

By Daniel Oh

Quarkus allows developers to start a new application development based on OpenJDK 17.

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Logicdrop, Vaadin Tout Cloud Native Java Runtime Quarkus

By Alex Hardy

Growth is spurring Quarkus to become one of the most popular topics for Java developers. It’s also allowing companies to adopt a new stack.

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Continuous Testing
with Quarkus

By Stuart Douglas

Quarkus has always been focused on developer experience, and Quarkus 2.0 has taken this to the next level with support for a feature we are calling continuous testing.

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Keycloak with Quarkus: Better together

By Andreas Falk

By changing the underpinning from the Wildfly application server to Quarkus as the new standard, Keycloak with Quarkus now finally becomes cloud-native. 

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Is it gonna be your first API with Kotlin and Quarkus? Let’s see! — Part 1

By Petros Kontogiannis

Please fasten your seat belt and join me in a nice story, of making our first Rest API with Kotlin and Quarkus.

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Videos of the Month

EPISODE #83: Quarkus's Fault Tolerance API

Quarkus Insights #83 video thumbnail

Quarkus Insights #82: What's new in RESTEasy Reactive

Quarkus Insights #82 video thumbnail

Quarkus Insights #82: Morphia and MongoDB object-document mapping

Quarkus Insights #81 video thumbnail

Quarkus Insights #82: Morphia and MongoDB object-document mapping

Quarkus Insights #80 video thumbnail

Upcoming Quarkus Insights Episodes:

Episode #84: What's new in Quarkus Testing 
with Georgios Andrianakis

Episode #85: What's new in Quarkus Kafka, REX 
with Ozan Günalp & Loïc Mathieu

Episode #86: Vaadin & Quarkus
Matti Tahvonen

Episode #87: Quarkus Tooling Update 
with Fred Bricon

Episode #88: Keycloak Quarkus Distribution
with Stian Thorgersen, Dominik Guhr, and Pedro Igor Silva

Upcoming Events with Quarkus

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The Quarkus World Tour is on the road again!

We’re bringing the band back on the road to continue bringing our unique, hands-on experience with access to Quarkus experts designed to help you get started with Java in a Kubernetes world. Whether you are a Quarkus first-timer or seasoned pro, your JUG will love this show. 

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DevNexus 2022

Date: April 11-13, 2022
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Devnexus is the premier conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters.


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Devoxx France

April 11-13
Paris, France

Devoxx France is a three day event which offers over 240 presentations, hands on labs, as well as multiple opportunities to meet a very active developer’s community.

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JFokus 2022

Date: May 2-4, 2022
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Jfokus is all about developers! Java, Frontend & Web. Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Big Data, Future & Trends, Alt. JVM Languages like Scala, Kotlin & more.

Devoxx United Kingdom event logo

Devoxx United Kingdom

Date: May 11-13, 2022
Location: London, England

Devoxx UK is a 3-day conference where developers come together to explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas, with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.


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