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Quarkus support in IDE's

Quarkus is still young and thus it might come as a surprise to some there are actually already a good amount of Quarkus support in most of the various IDE’s.

Its important to realize that Quarkus is using mainly standard technology and API thus no special IDE tooling is required to use Quarkus, but if you do like dedicated Quarkus integration in your IDE then see the list below.

The current list is:

  • Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code

  • JBoss Tools Quarkus Tools for Eclipse

  • Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ

  • IntelliJ Ultimate Edition built-in Quarkus support

  • Eclipse Che is on its way

The table below gives an overview of the current IDE’s with links and a high-level overview of their features.

If you want support for Quarkus in your favorite IDE/Editor then scroll down…​


VSCode Quarkus Tools

Eclipse Quarkus Tools

IntelliJ Quarkus Tools

Intellij Ultimate

Eclipse Che


Extensión de Visual Studio Code para instalar mediante el marketplace

Eclipse plugin to install into Eclipse using an updatesite

Intellij plugin that works in Intellij Community and Ultimate. Available from Marketplace.

Built-in Quarkus features available only in IntelliJ Ultimate

Características incorporadas de Quarkus disponibles en Eclipse Che incl.





Stable (since 2019.3)

Coming Soon!


Development Builds

Sitio de actualización del desarrollo

Development Builds






Fuente cerrada

Servidor de idiomas Quarkus

Hechiceros w/

Asistente personalizado

Editor de configuración

Configurar el autocompletado

Validación de la configuración

Perfiles de configuración

Esquema de configuración

Easy Launch debug/dev:mode

Fragmentos de código de Quarkus

Descubrimiento/navegación de la inyección

What about Quarkus Tools in <my favorite IDE/editor> ?

What is amazing is that the first three are almost all at feature parity because they are using the awesome Quarkus Language Server made by the Red Hat Developer team. If you are interested in enabling Quarkus tooling support for your favorite IDE/editor you should give that language server a go - and let me know once you have it working and get added to this list!

I can’t wait to add emacs and vi to this list :)

Have fun!