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Quarkus 1.13.1.Final released - Bugfixes

It has been a week since the release of 1.13.0.Final so it is time for our traditional .1 release.

1.13.1.Final is a maintenance release fixing bugs and improving the documentation.

1.13.1.Final is a safe upgrade for everyone using Quarkus 1.13.

If you are not using 1.13 already, please refer to the 1.13 migration guide.

What’s new?

Instrumentation-based live reload disabled by default

We have made several iterations of our instrumentation-based live reload (meaning we don’t restart Quarkus but just perform class redefinition when we can) since its first introduction.

It has matured a lot but we decided it was too much of a change compared to our initial promise of "you refresh, everything is fully restarted". So, in 1.13.1.Final, we disabled it by default. If your live reloads are taking too long or if you want to keep the application state as much as possible, you can enable it by adding in your

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