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Quarkus Newsletter #4

For the first Quarkus Newsletter of 2020 we got quite a nice selection!

People trying out the new experimental template engine Qute for Quarkus, migration of existing apps, framework comparisons, MapStruct and an excellent video on deploying Quarkus in the real-world.

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If you know of a cool article, blog or video that we are missing, please submit an issue.

Article & Blogs

diegocamara/realworld-api-quarkus: Simple case of an real world api using quarkus framework.

Diego Camara made a Quarkus implementation that is now listed on realworld site.
Author: Diego Camara
Posted: 11. January 2020

Quarkus Qute – A Test Ride - Gunnar Morling

Gunnar are giving Qute a test ride showing how he wrote a todo app using server side rendered templates with Quarkus.
Author: Gunnar Morling
Posted: 3. January 2020
From: Red Hat

Hello You Qute Templating Engine

Hayri gives his intro on how to use Qute in Quarkus.
Author: Hayri Cicek
Posted: 27. December 2019

JAX-RS Crud Application using Quarkus and Vue.js

Francesco outlines how to write a basic web app using JAX-RS, Quarkus and Vue.js
Author: Francesco Marchioni
Posted: 20. December 2019
From: Red Hat

Run your Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application on Quarkus with minimum changes – Jean-François James

Jean-Francois walks us through him migrating his Jakarta EE appliation to Quarkus, outlines the differences and similarities and give his perspective on the approach Quarkus takes.
Author: Jean-Francois James
Posted: 17. December 2019

Quarkus - an elementary DevOps particle - CROZ

Author: Denis Jaicevic
Posted: 8. December 2019
From: Croz

MapStruct and Quarkus - a match made in heaven? – MapStruct

How to use MapStruct and Quarkus together: match in heaven.
Author: Christian Bandowski
Posted: 6. December 2019
From: MapStruct

Microservices: Quarkus vs. Spring Boot

Ualter goes through and compare Quarkus to his Spring Boot usage.
Author: Ualter Azambuja
Posted: 6. December 2019

Quarkus, a Kubernetes Native Java Framework, Reaches Version 1.0: Q&A with Thomas Qvarnstrom

Thomas Qvarnstrom interviewed by InfoQ on Quarkus release.
Author: Thomas Qvarnstrom
Posted: 5. December 2019
From: Red Hat

Slim Decafe Java – Pulse Code

Comparing memory usages of various combinations of Java stacks
Author: Ben Coleman
Posted: 30. November 2019

Behind the curtain

Vincent explains his journey to bring a difficult PR from proposal to release in Quarkus.
Author: Vincent Sevel
Posted: 28. October 2019

If you know of a cool article, blog or video that we are missing, please submit an issue.


Memory Consumption: WildFly Full ThinWAR vs. Quarkus SkimmedJAR : Adam Bien's Weblog

Author: Adam Bien
Posted: 14. January 2020

Quarkus in Real-World Deployments

In this Virtual Jug Roberto and Bruno hosts talks about their experience deploying Quarkus in the real-world.
Author: Roberto Cortez, Bruno Baptista
Posted: 17. December 2019
From: Virtual Jug / Talkdesk

Vinicius Ferraz youtube channel on Quarkus in Portuguese

Vinicius host a weekly Portuguese youtube channel talking about all things Quarkus
Author: Vinicius Ferraz
Posted: 8. December 2019
From: Croz