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Quarkus Newsletter #44 - May

Get the May newseltter and check out these great articles. "Revolutionizing time tracking: how Quarkus transformed our backend development" by Dusan Odalovic describes how GRAN Software Solutions used Quarkus to help create a time tracking application to meet their unique specific requirements. Understand how to breakdown a monolith into Quarkus based microservices with "Modernizing Pedal: Breaking down a Java monolith into Quarkus microservices" by Yashwanth Maheshwaram and Ian Lawson. Evren Tam’s article "Using MapStruct within Quarkus" to learn mapping from entities to DTOs and vice versa is always required within multi-layered applications for transferring data between services/processes. Kubernetes: Deployment Quarkus with Databases by Daniel S. Blanco is a follow up article that describes how deploy two different containers and establish a connection between them. Thiago dos Santos Hora wrote "Role-Based Access Control in Quarkus", a tutorial that discusses Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and how to implement this functionality using Quarkus. We’ve also released some sweet desktop wallpapers for the communithy to use. Get them today!

You will also see the latest Quarkus Insights episodes, top tweets and upcoming Quarkus attended events.

Check out Newsletter #44: May!

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