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Quarkus Newsletter #8

Long over due Newsletter #8!

Quarkus team and the great community been busy - so busy in fact I missing sending out last months newsletter.

Besides the collection of found stories online (let me know if I missed yours!) we also got a new landing page for Quarkus Insights at:

Next episode is today where we are talking with the winner of Quarkus hackathon in the IOT category.

For the news below - give it a read and if you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter install the bookmarklet on your laptop and phone to easily submit a story. If you prefer the manual way please open an issue with a short description and a url


If you know of a cool article, blog or video that we are missing, please submit an issue.

Article & Blogs

Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java, trying out Quarkus guide “Quarkus - Kubernetes extension” (part 1) - AMIS, Data Driven Blog

In this article, you can read more about the Quarkus code guide I tried out, related to the following topic: The ability to automatically generate Kubernetes resources by Quarkus
Author: Marc Lameriks
Posted: 27. September 2020
From: Amis Technologies

Building a REST API with Quarkus | Lanky Dan Blog

Dan Newton walks through his experience with Quarkus
Author: Dan Newton
Posted: 21. September 2020

Migrating SpringBoot PetClinic REST to Quarkus - DZone Java

In this post, I'm going to cover my experience migrating thee Spring Boot PetClinic REST application to Quarkus.
Author: Jonathan Vila
Posted: 16. September 2020
From: Red Hat

Quarkus OAuth2 and security with Keycloak - Piotr's TechBlog

In this article, you will learn how to integrate your Quarkus application with the OAuth2 authorization server like Keycloak.
Author: Piotr Minkowski
Posted: 16. September 2020

25 years and going strong: Why Java matters to the future of banks

Java has a long history with banks and financial institutions, but what about its future? Does Java have a place in a containerized, cloud-native future? Lean argue yes, especially with Quarkus a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework.
Author: Leon Matthews
Posted: 14. September 2020

Quarkus and Jakarta EE: Together, or not? - Red Hat Developer

Mark looks into if Quarkus will be compatible with Jakarta EE?
Author: Mark Little
Posted: 11. September 2020
From: Red Hat

Trying out some Quarkus code guides (part1)

In this article, you can read more about other Quarkus code guides I tried out configuration and creating a native executable.
Author: Marc Lameriks
Posted: 1. September 2020
From: AMIS

Camel Quarkus 1.0.0 Released

A short blog post about the Camel Quarkus 1.0.0 release
Author: James Netherton
Posted: 12. August 2020
From: Red Hat

How We Use Quarkus With Kafka in Our Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture | LogicMonitor

How LogicMonitor uses Quarkus with Kafka in its multi-tenant SaaS architecture
Author: LogicMonitor
Posted: 10. August 2020
From: LogicMonitor

History of Camel Quarkus from the very beginning to 1.0.0

History of using/porting Camel with Quarkus
Author: Peter Palaga
Posted: 10. August 2020
From: Red Hat

Guide to Quarkus on Kubernetes

Deploying Quarkus to Kubernetes
Author: Piotr Minkowski
Posted: 10. August 2020

How to generate a JAX-RS application in Quarkus using Panache

Author: Francesco Marchioni
Posted: 7. August 2020
From: Red Hat

Reactive Quarkus: A Java Mutiny - Red Hat Developer

Introducton to Reactive Quarkus and Mutiny
Author: Clement Escoffier andd Edson Yanaga
Posted: 7. August 2020
From: Red Hat

Building a Resilient Microservice with Quarkus and Wiremock | by Iain Porter | Aug, 2020 | Level Up Coding

This is the third part in a series on building a microservice from the ground up with Quarkus, Kotlin and Debezium. The service is for sending SMS messages.
Author: Iain Porter
Posted: 3. August 2020

Integrate Quarkus with C language without an issue

Dmytro explain how to call C language from Java and Quarkus
Author: Dmytro Chaban
Posted: 2. August 2020

Building a GitHub Dependents Scraper with Quarkus and Picocli - Marc Nuri

Marc show how to create a simple web scraper using Picocli and Quarkus to build a native binary that will scrape dependents for any GitHub project.
Author: Marc Nuri
Posted: 31. July 2020
From: Red Hat

Implementing the Transactional Outbox pattern with Debezium in Quarkus

In this part we’ll use the transactional outbox pattern to generate events when the messages are persisted. We can then process the messages asynchronously and, ultimately, get the SMS message to the end user’s mobile device.
Author: Iain Porter
Posted: 29. July 2020

Securing Vue.js Applications with Keycloak

Securing Vue.js Applications with Keycloak
Author: Niklas Heidloff
Posted: 23. July 2020
From: IBM

Advanced Process Integration Tips - Quarkus Applications - DZone Integration

The common way to integrate with your process engine is through the use of the Kie Server REST API. In this article we'll explore how to use it and provide an example of integration with a Quarkus application.
Author: Karina Varela
Posted: 21. July 2020
From: Red Hat

Real world Quarkus with native-image

Natively compiling a real world application with Quarkus.
Author: Michal Kascak
Posted: 16. July 2020
From: Hotovo

Why Java and Quarkus are important for your business

Syed discusses the business value of Quarkus
Author: Syed Rasheed
Posted: 13. July 2020
From: Red Hat

Quarkus vs. Spring | LogicMonitor

Logic Monitor scaled down 200 cpu cores and ~500GB of memory by switching their POC to @QuarkusIO Saving 85% of CPU and 88% of memory
Author: Sam Dacanay
Posted: 1. July 2020
From: LogicMonitor

Spanish article on how to use Quarkus for microservices

Develop microservices with Quarkus
Author: Arkaitz Lazaro
Posted: 30. June 2020

Secure your Quarkus applications

Adding security and identity to a Quarkus application.
Author: Sebastien Blanc and Edson Yanaga
Posted: 26. June 2020
From: Red Hat

Building Class Data Sharing Archives with Apache Maven - Gunnar Morling

How to automatically create AppCDS archives as part of your Quarkus (Maven) project build
Author: Gunnar Morling
Posted: 11. June 2020
From: Red Hat

How to profile your Java application with NetBeans- Quarkus Microservices

Armel created a quick tip video which shows how to use Apache NetBeans IDE to profile your Java artefacts.
Author: Armel Nane
Posted: 4. June 2020

If you know of a cool article, blog or video that we are missing, please submit an issue.


Hybrid Serverless Development using Quarkus

Hybrid Serverless development using Quarkus
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 24. September 2020
From: Red Hat

Migrate Spring Boot Applications with Cache to Quarkus - Part 2

Daniel demonstrates how to move from Spring Boot Data caching code to Quarkus.
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 22. August 2020
From: Red Hat

Building a Kubernetes Operator in Quarkus - Kevin Crawley (Instana)

How to build a Kubernetes Operator in Quarkus
Author: Kevin Crawley
Posted: 21. August 2020
From: Instana

How to consume GraphQL APIs using Quarkus

Daniel shows how to use GraphQL with Quarkus.
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 10. August 2020

Russian video on how Quarkus works

Russian Quarkus Application Bootstrap - where do small sizes and timings come from?
Author: Maksym Govorischev
Posted: 6. August 2020
From: EPAM Ukraine Career

Quarkus Insights #13: MongoDB with Panache

Loïc Matheiu stopped by to discuss MongoDB with Panache.
Author: Quarkusio
Posted: 3. August 2020
From: Red Hat

Pragmatic database migrations with Quarkus and Flyway

In this video I'll show how to perform database migrations in Quarkus applications using the Flyway Quarkus Extension.
Author: Sebastian Daschner
Posted: 18. July 2020
From: IBM

Quarkus in Real-World Deployments

Roberto is going to show you how to use it to develop a microservices architecture by mixing technologies such as MicroProfile, Camel, and RabbitMQ and deploy it with GraalVM and Kubernetes in a polyglot environment using Java and R
Author: Roberto Cortez
Posted: 14. July 2020
From: Red Hat

Daniel walks you through how debugging a Quarkus App with devmode and vscode

Debugging a Quarkus application on the JVM
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 29. June 2020
From: Red Hat

Testing Quarkus App - Part I

Walkthrough on test-driven microservices with Quarkus
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 26. June 2020
From: Red Hat